In Spain, the MOVES III aid plan

In Spain, the MOVES III aid plan promotes efficient, sustainable mobility and forms part of the recovery, transformation and resilience plan financed by NextGenerationEU.

The MOVES III plan subsidies, valid until 07/31/2024, are offered by the Spanish government for the purchase of any zero-emission vehicle, whether electric or hydrogen-powered, in any region of Spain as well as in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla. 

For private individuals, the self-employed, companies and public authorities, this aid can amount to €7,000 for commercial vehicles weighing up to 3,500 kg in category N1 (and €9,000 with the definitive deregistration of a vehicle in category M1 or N1).

For private and self-employed customers, only 1 vehicle per beneficiary and per call for applications may be subsidized. In all other cases, for vehicle purchases made after June1, 2023, the de minimis rule and the limit of aid per call for applications is set at 250 vehicles per final beneficiary, call for applications and year.

Ownership must be held by a dealer or outlet of the manufacturer/importer group selling the vehicle to the final beneficiary of the aid. In this case, the vehicle must have been purchased by the dealer or sales outlet as a new vehicle from the manufacturer or importer. A maximum of 90 demonstration vehicles is permitted.

It is important to stress that the cumulative amount of aid received under the de minimis concept for the current financial year and the two previous financial years may not exceed the sum of €300,000.

The following groups are excluded from aid under this de minimis regulation: companies active in the production, processing and marketing of fishery and aquaculture products, and companies active in the primary production of agricultural products.

For the acquisition of category N1 light commercial vehicles such as the Beeway, the amount of aid may be increased by 10% (non-cumulative) in the following cases:

  • Purchase by a private individual registered in a commune of less than 5,000 inhabitants.
  • Purchase by independent professionals with reduced mobility of a vehicle adapted to their driving needs.

Finally, in addition to the aid to be granted, and in the case of the acquisition of category N1 vehicles like the Beeway, manufacturers or sales outlets are also required to grant a discount of at least €1,000 on the vehicle purchase invoice.

How do I apply for a grant?

It is important to note that specific procedures may vary from one beneficiary to another. Generally speaking, the steps to follow are as follows:

1. It is advisable to obtain information before starting the application process, and to know the details of the requirements according to the status of the beneficiary, the documentation needed and the deadlines for obtaining aid.

2. Check that you meet the requirements. As mentioned above, these requirements can change from candidate to candidate, so it's best to make sure you meet them perfectly.

3. Acquire a vehicle eligible for the plan. It is very important to buy a vehicle that meets the plan's eligibility criteria. Otherwise, you won't receive any benefits. Eligible vehicles are electric, plug-in hybrid or fuel cell vehicles.

4. Complete the required documentation. Carefully prepare the documents required for the application: identity papers, income, vehicle purchase invoices, etc.

5. Apply via the online portal provided by the designated management organization. Access this portal and follow the instructions to complete the relevant form.

6. Submit the application. Once you have completed the application form, review and submit it. Some programs will also allow you to submit documentation digitally.

Rechargeable electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles can be purchased directly, as explained above, or through financial leasing or rental financing (also known as operational leasing) of new vehicles, registered for the first time in Spain in the name of the final beneficiary of the aid, except in the case of rental, where they can be registered in the name of the rental company.

How long does it take to receive Moves III assistance?

From the moment you send in the application with all the documents correctly completed and justified, it takes between eight and twelve months to receive the aid, depending on the Autonomous Community in which you live.

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